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Fragen zu Geschäftsanalytik? Lesen Sie die FAQ

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Häufig gestellte Fragen zu Geschäftsanalytik

What is Business Analysis?

Business Analysis is the area responsible for analyzing demand, identifying needs and determining solutions for small and large companies. In addition, it is the sector that raises questions, defines scopes and evaluates processes of a business. \r

In general, it studies trends within a market in search of the best strategic opportunities for a company.\r

What is Business Analysis for?

The Business Analysis serves for the innovation of products and processes, productivity gain and advances in results.

The sector acts in the elaboration of a strategic plan of business areas and relationships, which requires an analysis of the context, with the objective of elaborating recommendations of actions and solutions.

How long does it take to learn Business Analysis?

The subject may interest professionals from many areas, who may have already studied, for example, economics, administration and engineering. Having knowledge in these areas can accelerate the learning of business analysis.\r

However, even for those who want to change careers, it is not such a complicated sector. There are specific online courses that vary between 4 and 20 hours. There are also courses of 10 months or more, which is recommended for those who are sure that they want to enter this area.\r

Where should I start to learn Business Analysis?

To start learning business analysis, you must have a basic understanding of how a company works, know what a project is and have basic notions of project planning and control.\r

You can invest in a complete course, ranging from basic to advanced, or you can choose courses in a specific area. There is training that focuses, for example, on finances, HR, macro and micro economy and pricing. \r

There are books on the subject, but an online course can be a faster way to understand the area and find out which areas want to go deeper into.\r