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What is First Aid?

First Aid is a quick intervention to assist victims of accidents or health problems, so that the problem doesn’t get worse until the proper assistance can be provided.\r \r The professional responsible for such care is called a first-aid worker, but any individual who knows First Aid procedures can take the first steps in helping save the victim’s life.\r

What is First Aid for?

In simpler cases, such as burns and superficial cuts, scratches and dizziness, First Aid acts to restore the victim’s well-being in an agile and safe way.\r \r In more serious situations, such as higher degree burns and deeper cuts, accidents with fractures and cardiorespiratory stops, First Aid must be performed quickly to save the victim’s life until specialized service is performed.

How long does it take to learn First Aid?

You can learn First Aid procedures in quick courses from one week to one month. But for each, there are different procedures. So, after learning the basics, you can go deeper into specific situations according to your work environment. If you work in places with a swimming pool, sea or river, for example, you can look for First Aid courses for aquatic emergencies.

Where should I start learning First Aid?\r

Learning about First Aid has no mystery: in general, they are simple measures that can save lives. But it is important to have classes with experienced instructors and recognized institutions, since it is about people’s health and safety. So, look for reliable courses.