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Fragen zu Optionshandel? Lesen Sie die FAQ

Optionshandel Kurse

Häufig gestellte Fragen zu Optionshandel

What is Options Trading?

Options are the right to buy or sell a financial asset at a predetermined price, and this right is exercised (or not) at a future date. The trading of these contracts, which are also called derivatives, takes place on the options market.

These contracts always have an underlying asset, which can be a stock, a currency or an interest rate. The amount paid for the option is called a premium. Every option has an specific month of maturity, which is when the acquired right can be exercised. It also has an exercise price that will be crucial when deciding whether or not to exercise that vested right.

What is Options Trading for?

The primary function of options is the hedge (or protection) of an investment portfolio, because options guarantee a minimum sale value of the assets of a portfolio. These derivatives are also used for speculation, in an attempt to obtain quick profits from the sudden price fluctuations of these contracts.

Since options are much cheaper than their underlying assets, they are also used to delay the decision to buy or sell these assets in a relatively inexpensive manner.

How long does it take to learn Options Trading?

Learning must be constant in order to trade options. The market is dynamic and constantly changing, which leads the investor to face different situations every day.\r

However, it is possible to learn the basic concepts and start trading options with online courses of about 8 hours.\r

Where should I start to learn Options Trading?

Some subjects cannot be neglected when the subject is options trading such as capital management, trends, supports, resistance and chart interpretation. \r

There are no prerequisites for learning options, but in addition to the above concepts, to trade options you must have a computer, internet access and an account with a stock brokerage firm that is qualified to trade options. \r